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The Middleton Area Historical Society newsletter is published three times a year in March, June and September. This publication is intended to provide information to members about activities at the Rowley House and The Museum at the Depot, while also informing them of upcoming events sponsored by the Historical Society. In addition, the newsletter contains articles about the history of the Middleton area and early inhabitants.

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The following is a list of current historic fact sheets that provide detailed information about a variety of topics relating to the history of Middleton.  Fact sheets are available at Rowley House Museum and the Museum at the Depot.  You can also print them yourself or simply read them on-line.

Historic Middleton: Rowley House

Historic Middleton: Pheasant Branch Settlement

Historic Middleton: Timeline Of Major Events

Historic Middleton: The Great Fire of 1900

Historic Middleton: The Depot

Historic Middleton: Depression Glass

Historic Middleton: City Schools

Historic Middleton: Landmarks Tour

Historic Middleton: Downtown Walking Tour

Middleton’s Early Years … The People and Businesses Important to Middleton’s Growth“, a 250-page book by Lorena Gordon, is available for $20.00 at:  Middleton’s Tourism Commission Office, 1811 Parmenter Street; Middleton’s Chamber of Commerce Office, 7427 Elmwood Ave; and at the Rowley House Museum, 7410 Hubbard Avenue.

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